HighSight XL Cable Cam System

Demo Reel TBD


System with 1# cable - $500 Day + Operator

Imagine your camera floating over hundreds of feet just inches off the ground.  Produce tracking shots with out having to lay track.  Tell your story with camera moves unlike any other, getting you close to the action without putting your gear or talent at risk. 

The High Sight XL lets you mimic dollys, cranes, drones and chase vehicles with ease and simplicity.  No need to spend all day on a single shot.  You will be able to capture a wide range and style of shots with perfect repeatability so you never miss that magic moment. 

Autonomous EndPoints

Endpoint Technology allows a single user to operate the trolley and gimbal by watching only the video monitor.  No spotter needed.


Gimbal  - dji Ronin MX | dji Ronin 2 / Freefly Movi PRO | Freefly Movi M10 | Freefly Movi M15 | Most other similarly sized gimbals 

Cameras ARRI ALEXA Mini | ARRI ALEXA M | Sony F55 | Sony F5 | Sony FS7 | Sony FS700 |Sony A7 Series| Panasonic au-eva1 | Panasonic GH4/5/5s | Blackmagic USRA Mini | RED Epic | RED Scarlet | RED Weapon | RED Dragon | Canon C500 | Canon C300 / Mk2 | Canon C100 / Mk2 |Canon C200 |Canon 1D C | & Many More...


  • Max Payload 33lb / 15kg
  • Weight with Battery 9lb / 4kg
  • Length 24in / 609mm 
  • Max Speed Up to 31mph / 50kph
  • Min Speed 11" Per Second
  • Battery LithiumIon 22.2v 6s

FreeFly Movi Pro


MōVI Pro is the most advanced camera movement system ever created.  It offers industry leading performance, flexibility, and ease of use.  MōVI Pro is a lightweight, portable system that allows users to create world class production quality video content quickly and easily.


Available Options

Movi Pro HandHeld Bundle -  $450 Day (+Operator Available) 

  • This bundle includes the MōVI Pro, MōVI Ring Pro, MIMIC controller, and Bush Pilot all packed in the Handheld Case and is designed to get professional filmmakers up and shooting with the MōVI Pro.
  • To allow MIMIC + Bush Pilot to control external lens motors (see compatible motors here).

Pilot 3 Axis F/I/Z Controller -  $200 Day

  • Pilot is a fully featured 3 axis F/I/Z controller that seamlessly integrates with both MōVI Pro and MōVI XL and gives users complete control over MōVI settings, Pointing, and Lens controls.
  • Think of pilot like a MIMIC on steroids. Complete pointing control of the gimbal combined with industry standard inputs for focus, iris, and zoom. Pilot feature adjustable focus knob damping, and a 2 axis force joystick that can be used for gimbal pointing, zoom, or just about any axis.

The Movi Controller -  $200 Day

  • The MōVI Controller is a professional grade remote system that allows the operator full control over Pan, Tilt, and Roll. Compatible with the MōVI M5, M10, M15, MōVI Pro & MōVI XL this controller provides telemetry from the MōVI and allows the user to access MōVI configuration menus to enable on the fly adjustment of key MōVI parameters. The MōVI Controller also simplifies the remote control station by providing power for an LCD monitor and wireless video system. One single battery on the MōVI Controller will power your controller, Monitor, wireless video system, and additional 5 or 12v accessories. Additionally the MōVI Controller offers control of Focus, Iris, and Zoom motors with the Freefly WEDGE 3-axis lens control system.

HEDEN Motor System TBD (Please Inquire)



July 1st 2018 Gear List 

We have a large selection of equipment we can provide for your production Via à-la-carte

Sony FS7 4K/HD Camcorder

  • XDAC - Extension Unit
  • (6) SWX - Core V-lock Batteries
  • Shape FS7 Shoulder rig w/Grips
  • Metabones Speedbooster EF adapter
  • Metabones Ultra Speedbooster NIK adapter
  • WoodenCamera PL Adapter / CheesePlate
  • Zacuto Gratical Eye

DSLR Camera Bodies

  • Nikon D610
  • Panasonic GH4 - V-Log upgrade
  • Metabones Nik/MFT Adapter

Action POV Cameras

  • GoPro Hero 6
  • Karma Handgrip/Gimbal
  • ND filters and External Batteries


  • Nikon 14-24mm F2.8 NIK.mnt
  • Nikon 24-70mm F2.8 NIK.mnt
  • Nikon 70-200mm F2.8 NIK.mnt
  • Nikon 50mm F2.8 NIK.mnt
  • Nikon 105mm F2.8 NIK.mnt
  • Rokinon 24mm T1.5 NIK.mnt
  • Rokinon 35mm T1.5 NIK.mnt
  • Rokinon 50mm T1.5 NIK.mnt
  • Rokinon 85mm T1.5 NIK.mnt
  • Olympus 17mm F2.8 Pancake MFT.mnt
  • Shape/WoodenCamera Lens Support

Camera Support

  • Sachtler FSB 8 Head
  • Sachtler TT 75/2 CF Tripod
  • Benro S6 Head w/Aluminum Tripod 
  • Benro HighHat
  • RedRock Follow Focus
  • Tilta Matte Box

Production Monitors

  • 13" HDR 1303 SmallHD Production Monitor
  • 5" 502 SmallHD Production Monitor
  • 7" Odyssey 7q+ Recorder w/2x 256g SSD's

DIT Cart System

  • DIT Media Management Kit (Inquire)
  • Inovativ Scout 42
  • 2x BOA Monitor Systems
  • AC Camera Kit


  • Sound Devices 302 Mixer
  • Rode Boom/Blimp
  • Sachtler Sound Bag w/Harness
  • Lectrosonic UH4004AUHF Transmitter (Block 21)
  • 2x Lectrosonic Transmitter (Block 21)
  • Lectrosonic Transmitter (Block 26)
  • 2x Lectrosonic Receiver (Block 21)
  • Lectrosonic Receiver (Block26)
  • Sennheiser G3 Tx/Rx
  • Zoom H4N Recorder 
  • Rode NTG3 Shotgun Mic
  • Rode NT3 Mic
  • Rode Video Mic Pro (DSLR only)
  • Sennheiser ME66 Shotgun Mic

Gimbal Systems

  • DJI Ronin-M
  • Full Kit - FreeFly Movi PRO (Inquire)

TimeLapse Motion Control

  • KesslerCrane Mini ShuttlePod w/Keeper Wheels
  • KesslerCrane Second Shooter Drive Motor
  • KesslerCrane Second Shooter Plus Controller
  • KesslerCrane Second Shooter Controller
  • KesslerCrane Second Shooter Pan/Tilt Head
  • KesslerCrane 2x MagPacks (Batteries)
  • KesslerCrane CineDrive Focus Motor
  • 3x KesslerCrane Set of 3' Rails 
  • 2x KesslerCrane Set of All Terrain Feet


  • DJI Phantom Pro 3
  • DJI Mavic PRO

Wireless Video Transmitter

  • Amimon Connex 3000' HD Transmitter (HDMI)
  • Amimon Connex LR 10000' HD Receiver (HDMI)

Cable Cam System

  • HighSight XL Sled (Inquire)
  • 2x LithiumIon Battery
  • Futaba Controller
  • 3x 600ft Cable
  • 2x 300ft Cable

Lighting & Grip

  • KinoFlo Diva Kit (3200-5500K)
  • Aputure LightStorm C300d (5500k)
  • 2x Aputure LightStorm LS 1c Panel (BiColor)
  • 2x Fillex P360-EX (BiColor) 
  • 2x Fillex P180-EX (BiColor) 
  • 5x Kupo C-Stand TurtleBase
  • Advantage Grip 24x36" Flag Kit
  • Advantage Grip 18x24" Flag Kit
  • Matthews 6x6 Frame w/Srim Kit
  • LitePro Feather Carbon Crane 
  • Grip Kit (Clamps & Accessories)

Studio Rental

  • Space Available (Please Inquire)