The Best Ranger Competition 2018, is the 35th anniversary of this grueling competition, starring the best soldiers of the world, our United States Army, RANGERS! The Best Ranger Competition was started in 1982 after Dick Leandri found a way to honor his personal friend, Lieutenant General David E. Grange, Jr. 

The competition has evolved over the past thirty years from once that was originally created to salute the best two man "buddy" team in the Ranger Department at Fort Benning, GA to determine the best two-man team from the entire United States Armed Forces. 

Client:  Soldier Photos

  • Executive Producer:  Jill Harrelson
  • Associate Producer:  Jess Whitehead
  • Director of Photography:  Brett May
  • A-Cam:  Tom Pritchard
  • A-Cam AC:  Zack Norton
  • B-Cam:  Josiah Morgan
  • B-Cam AC:  Justin Noel
  • C-Cam:  Nick Walsh
  • C-Cam AC:  William Callahan
  • D-Cam:  Allen Facemire
  • Gimbal/Cable Cam:  Brett May
  • Gimbal/Cable Cam AC:  Dan Frazier
  • Remote Cameras:  Matt Brown
  • BTS:  Stacey Flint