Escher Media is a contract based media collective built by Atlanta’s top photographers and cinematographers. The mission at Escher Media is to create the best quality images for the right stories. There is a right tool for every job and we believe in quality first. Let us help you create the absolute best! 

We partner with the best local talent to get the job done. From Audio design to VFX, we want to create a family of talented people. We have worked on everything from the set of AMC's Walking Dead to filming weddings. Every project is different and we love a the process of making your dreams a reality.

The Team


Brett May

Director of Photography / Owner

Brett has been shooting images for the past decade. Working in almost every aspect of photo/video production Brett is our Director of Photography and PixelPusher. He brings not only a new perspective, but also years of backcountry and outdoor experience to the table. 



The Baus

Dexter is the glue that holds everything together. He is our idea sounding board and sniffs out the good ones. 


Nick Walsh

Photographer / Dexter's Dad

Nick has spent they past decade working in WebDesign and Startup Tech Management. We pulled him from the dark side, and he has been shooting for Escher Media for the past couple of  years. Having an in depth knowledge of your computer needs, Nick can help craft you content to perfection. Nicks also brings years of outdoor experience to the crafting table.